P-1 Individual or Team Athlete, or Member of an Entertainment Group Visa

A P-1 is normally given to those who enter the United States. The person who is entering the States must be of a specific field, and participating as a group, individual or team in a performance. If you are supporting someone who has a P-1 visa then you may also be able to get a P-1 visa yourself, however to do this you need to make sure that you follow all of the legal requirements needed in order to qualify.
An athlete who is coming to the United States needs to have a high level of achievement and they also need to be recognised by a leading representative in the country. Someone who has international recognition would be more than able to secure a P-1 visa, and it can also be granted to a member who is of an internationally recognised team as well. It should be noted however that if you have a P-1 visa that was granted on a team basis, that you cannot then go and perform individually at events or competitions in the US. If you do have a P-1 visa and you wish to perform, then you may earn money from prizes or funds and you can also work part time as well. If you work in the US, then your employer would need to file a separate petition for you.
If you are an athlete and you don't have the level of accomplishment required to obtain a P-1 visa then you may qualify for a H-2B visa. If you are an amateur athlete who is participating in an event, then you may also qualify for the B2 visa as well. In order to file the petition, you would need a tendered contract with a US sports league or an internationally recognised team.