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Our information website is intended to help you take those steps needed to apply for an American immigrant visa. We know what goes into preparing the documents for immigrant visas and green card applications, and we can assist in making the process as seamless and effortless as possible.

Our Services

We focus on the following three characteristics of service provision.

  1. In-depth information
  2. Members of our legal team assigned to your case will be diligent in providing all the necessary information needed to properly process your application and ensure its success. We even offer a few extra resources directly related to immigration and citizenship as we’d like you to be fully prepared with all the right tools for your next big step.

  3. The application process
  4. We take great care in providing you with the most specialized immigration option so that you can rest assured you’ll be doing the right thing and jumping through the right hoops all the way.

  5. Correspondence
  6. One of our most important client relations rule is that communication is key. We keep our clients in the loop about their individual cases because it’s our duty to let you know when something has changed regarding your case.

Our firm offers services in the following areas:


Non-immigration visas

Travel to the U.S. requires a visa. Your visa type is decided based on your reason for travel to the United States. Here are some of the non-immigrant visa types you can travel under. Not all visa types allow for status change while in the U.S.

We can guide you on this matter in order to apply for a status change and become the holder of a green card.


Employment-based Immigration

You will need to secure an employment position in the United States before applying to travel under an immigration visa. Your future employer will need to file a petition, which will need to be approved in order to initiate the visa application process.


Waiver application

Applying for a waiver application is generally quite straightforward, but there are exceptions.


Immigration appeals, including family immigration appeals

You can do with legal assistance when filing for an immigration appeal, no matter what decision you are petitioning against.


Green card appeals

Green card petitions can drag out. We can assist you and advise you in the best way forward to as to make the process an efficient and faultless one.


Naturalization and citizenship

Naturalization is open to permanent residents who are non-citizens and who wish to “seal the deal” so –to-say. Our legal team can assist you from beginning to end with the citizenship process and ensure that it is executed lawfully.



In the event that you are sent a Notice to Appear for any charges against you, we offer legal representation, advice, and assessment.


Legal representation for a criminal charge of a non-citizen

The above is a guideline of our services, if you have any special requests, be sure to contact us so that we can give you a personal assessment and see what your needs are regarding your travel visa, or other immigration status-related documents.