O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa

The O-1 visa is for those who have an extraordinary ability. This ability can be in business, science, athletics or even education. It is also available to those who have achieved a substantial status in the television industry, but they need to be recognised internationally or nationally in order to qualify. The O-2 visa is for those who want to accompany those who are on an O-1 visa, and it is intended for a specific event or set performance. The O-2 must be an integral part of the O-1's activity and they must be essential to the O-1B production. An O-3 is someone who is the spouse or child of the O-1 and they are classed under a different status when it comes to the visa. If you want to qualify for an O-1 visa then you need to make sure that you demonstrate a national acclaim and you also need to prove that you are coming to the states to work in an area that is relevant to the production in question.
If you want to qualify for an O-1 visa then you need to make sure that you effectively demonstrate an achievement by skill or degree. When applying for the visa, you need to file an I-129. You also need to follow the USCIS listed as well, and this is of vital importance when you are applying for your visa. You should also make sure that you don't file the petition one year before the services are required, and to avoid delays, you should file it 45 days before the date of employment. The person who is petitioning must also submit a varied amount of documentation evidence, as this will prove that the services are required and it also establishes you as a proven expert in the field.