A foreign individual, who wants to enter the United States in order to spend time on vocational and other non-academic studies, can do so under the M1 Student Visa. This visa does not include entry into the U.S. for academic studies; rather, the M1 visa is suited to skills-development training courses and technical schools.
Who can apply for an M Vocational Visa An individual who has applied and been accepted into any one of the pre-accredited institutions can apply for an M1 visa. The student needs to enroll for a full-time course. Full time in this instance refers to no less than 18 hours of study per week at the institution of choice.
It is also to be noted that the individual will need to be able provide proof that there are sufficient funds available to him or her that will cover the costs of study, living expenses and transport for the duration of the stay.
The individual applying for this visa will also have to prove that he will be returning to his home-country (or current country of residency) after his studies have been completed, by supplying the necessary documents.
Working in the U.S with an M visa Students that enter the U.S with an M visa are not permitted to work off-campus or partake in general work, for which their services are paid.
It is possible that the student will be required to work in a related position after completing his or her studies.
There are, however, opportunities for on-campus work, but jobs are geared more towards the experience and practical training than payment. There will not be sufficient opportunity for the visa holder to earn a living while studying.
The duration of the M visa The visa validity period will be granted to the duration of the course, not exceeding one-year. Applications for an extension can be made.

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M1 Student Visa

Vocational Student M1 visa