L-1 Intra Company Transfer

If you are working for an international company and you are being transferred to another branch that is in the United States then you will need to get an L-1 visa. The company in question must be an organisation and the person who is being transferred must be of an executive or managerial level. They must also have specialised knowledge of the field and they must also have been working for the company for one year. This year must be within the three year period that precedes the application.
If you do believe that you qualify for the L-1 then your employer will need to fill out a petition. This is an L-129H and this will be done on your behalf for the USCIS. Once this petition has been filled out, you will then be allowed to apply for the visa. Your identity must be confirmed electronically and sometimes you may experience a delay in terms of processing because of this. For this reason you should always wait 5-10 working days for the application to be finalised.
When you have an L-1 visa then you will be able to enter the United States and commence business. When you are filling out the form however, the international company in question will need to provide enough proof to show that the new office has been secured within one year and that the operation will support a managerial position. If the person in question has specialised knowledge then the company will also need to prove that they can financially support this position within the new company or branch and they will also need to prove that they can remunerate the beneficiary if they want to continue to do business in the United States so this is certainly something to keep in mind.