H1-B Temporary Work Visa

The H1-B Temporary Work Visa is a non-immigrant visa in the US. It gives US employers the option to employ temporary workers for certain occupations, but if someone was to quit the job, they must either apply for a change of status or they must find another employer. If neither of these are admissible options then you need to leave the US.
In order to get a H1-B Temporary Work Visa you would need to have, what is classed as, a speciality occupation. This means that you need to have in-depth knowledge of a specialist field, and this could include everything from engineering to science, mathematics and even architecture. In some instances, you may also need a bachelor’s degree or something else that is equivalent to this, but if you are a fashion model then you will need to be distinguished.
When you have a H1-B Temporary Work Visa you will be able to stay in the area for three years. If you want to stay longer then you will need to contact your visa office to see if they can extend it for you. This can only be done up to six years and if you have submitted an I-140 before your fifth year then you could renew it for another 2 years however this depends if you have an outstanding application for a permanent residence.
The maximum duration of a H1-B Visa is ten years and if you want to carry on working after six years then you need to stay out of the US for one year before you can re-apply for permanent residency. There are no other serious requirements other than this, but it does help to contact a registered professional before you apply so you can see how your personal circumstances will affect your application.