B1 Business Visas

If you want to move to the US to do business then you will need a B1 Visa. In this instance, business doesn't always mean for gainful employments such as operating a business, so if this is the case, then this might not be the right choice for you. Instead, the B1 Business Visa is designed for consultations, business associates and litigations. It also covers you if you wanted to take part in other legitimate activities, but it does not include labour for hire.
There are limited circumstances where you may be issued with a B1 visa where you would normally need a H1B visa instead. This is normally applicable to those where you need a non-US company to send someone to the US for a short period of time to complete a job. To do this, you need to make sure that the work undertaken is at a HB1 level, for example, the worker needs to be engaged in a speciality job or role. The worker who is sent must also be permanently employed by the company and not a contractor, and they also need to be paid by someone who is outside of the US as well.
If you want to get a B1 visa, then you need to make sure that the worker gets no compensation from anywhere else, other than the US source. The worker also needs to have a degree that is relevant to the services that are going to be provided.
The B1 or HB1 visas generally take between 1 and 2 weeks to get and the HB1 needs more information from you before you can finish the application process so this is certainly something that you need to think about when applying for your own. Contact the visa office today to find out more.

B2 Tourist Visas

If you want to travel to the US then you certainly have a lot to think about. For example, if you want to have treatment in the US then you may be asked to provide more documents that will support your application. This could include a diagnosis from your local physician and it would also need to explain why you need the treatment to happen in the US as well.
Amateur Entertainer
If you wanted to travel to the US as an amateur entertainer then you may also be eligible for a B2 visa. This is only the case if you aren't going to be paid for the work because the money will go to a charity instead of a commercial organisation. An amateur entertainer is a someone who usually performs and not compensated for their work, so therefore they could travel under a B2 visa. Someone who is normally paid however would not qualify for this, even if they don't make a living by doing so.
Amateur Athlete
If you are an athlete or if you are going to compete in an event that you will get no payment for then you may also be considered for a B2 visa. If you receive payment then you won't be able to travel on this visa, so it is worth looking into if you are not sure if you qualify or not. If you are a member of a group, then no member can receive payment other than incidental expenses.
It should also be noted that an athlete who is normally given payment for performing can't qualify for a B2 visa either, even if you don't make a living off the money that you are given. If this is the case, you should contact the visa office for more information.